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Sept 2017 CMC Meeting

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CMC Minutes

September 25, 2017

In Attendance:  Mimi Hughes, Robin Moser, Nathan Campbell, Beth Russell, Amanda Morton, Eric Adamson, Antonietta Capotondi, Eric James, Kathy Lantz, Lucia Harrop, Hazel Bain

The meeting started at 12:10 pm.

Rendezvous Review:

The group discussion on this year’s Rendezvous and 50th Anniversary, along with Amanda’s results from the survey sent out resulted in the following:

  • People enjoyed this event, but it was pretty unanimous to go back to the Luncheon style
  • We should set up heaters in the Poster tent to be prepared ‘beforehand’ in case of bad weather
  • This year there were not enough tables to sit at for the event
  • We should have televisions or screens set up with the Rendezvous Program
  • Everyone really enjoyed the band and Waleed singing.  They would like to see the band continue and even put out a call for other CIRES members who are in bands for other options
  • It would be helpful to keep the Website more up to date
  • Directions on how to make a Poster would be helpful.  It was presented that Communications would be able to have a presentation on a Poster and Template
  • On the website, it would be helpful to have abstracts remain editable past the submission deadline up to a date closer to the event
  • We need to make sure the deadlines are clear, giving the deadline date and accepting others for about a week longer (same as we are doing now)


It was voted on, and all agreed that we would go back to the Luncheon style Rendezvous.

Membership Numbers:  There was much discussion on the membership numbers, which Nate updated everyone on, and it was decided that we need the following:

  • Clarification on Graduate Students being included or not included in the count due to the fact that they have the CGA
  • We need to have clarification on the numbers for each campus and what ‘campus’ means, i.e., East Campus – SEEC – GML – Main Campus – ESRL – SWPC – CSL – PSL - NCEI, GSL, etc.
  • What about Post Docs
  • Should Waleed give us the final directions on this topic

It was decided that we will revisit this topic at the next regular CMC Meeting and then we will decide if this should be brought up to Waleed.


Members Terms Up:  Nate and Amanda’s terms both end this year. 

It was voted on, and all agreed that they would continue on the CMC Committee for 3 more years.


Town Hall’s:  After much discussion, it was decided that it would be very helpful if Waleed would be able to have a Town Hall at DSRC two times a year (preferably January – before Rendezvous and September – before Budgets) and to hold one Town Hall at Main Campus (preferably in February) and East Campus (Preferably in September too.)  These suggestions will be given to Waleed.


Elections:  Elections were held for this year’s positions, and they were all agreed upon as follows:

  • CHAIR – Mimi Hughes
  • VICE CHAIR – Robin Moser
  • SECRETARY – Mistia Zuckerman
  • MEMBERSHIP CHAIR – (Open until the next regular CMC Meeting)
  • RENDEZVOUS CHAIR – Nate Campbell

    • Executive Meetings:  Kathy Lantz
    • Fellows Meetings:  Robin Moser
    • Alternate:  Antoinette Capotondi


Bylaws:  Robin will update the tentative set of Bylaws we have, and will send them out to everyone to review so they can be voted on at the next regular CMC Meeting in November.  Then they will be sent to Waleed for his approval.  These need to get completed and voted in as soon as possible.


Open Discussion Topics: 

  • Eric brought a guest, Hazel Bain, to the meeting who brought up the Diversity and Inclusion topic.  She had attended a Gender and Sexual Diversity Meeting on campus and thought it was something that maybe the CMC can initiate and/or set up for the different departments.  Mimi will be contacting Susan Sullivan, the new CIRES Diversity and Inclusion Director and will report to the committee at the next regular CMC meeting.
  • Mimi brought up a CIRES Mentorship Program. Work/Life – Work/Work – Women in Programs, etc.  It was mentioned to think about this, and it will be on the Agenda for the next meeting.
  • Eligibility for OPA’s was brought up and discussed.  It was agreed to also add this to the next meeting’s Agenda.
  • A reminder was made regarding the CMC End of Summer Tour meeting on Main Campus is on Monday, October 2nd at Noon in the Eckeley Building on Main Campus.


It was agreed upon that the next regular CMC Committee Meeting would be held on Monday, November 13, 2017 at Noon.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.


Monday, September 25, 2017
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


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