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Special Seminar: Eve Hinckley

Tuesday April 12 2022 @ 3:00 pm





3:00 pm

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    A Use-Inspired Approach to Ecosystem Science in the Anthropocene
    Eve Hinckley
    Abstract:  We now live in an era characterized predominately by our influence on the planet—the Anthropocene—with rising air temperatures, accelerated biogeochemical cycles, and widespread disturbances, such as wildfire. These forcings have dramatically changed the structure and function of Earth’s ecosystems and threaten our life support systems—air, land, and water. Creating a path to a livable future requires drawing on scientific approaches across the Earth and environmental sciences and integrating the results of that research into creative, multi-faceted solutions. This is use-inspired research. In my talk, I will discuss how my research group and I have developed projects that cut across biogeochemistry, hydrology, and critical zone science to address both fundamental questions about how ecosystems work and are changing, as well as collaborating with land managers, policymakers, and regulators to create solutions for sustainable land management. Highlights include: (1) developing novel isotopic methods to advance understanding of modern changes to sulfur (S) cycling; (2) informing pesticide and water management in California; (3) integrating geophysics with measurements of reactive elements (C, N, S, and Hg) to determine how melting subsurface ice features will alter biogeochemical processes, as well as the health of wildlife in remote alpine areas; and (4) designing international observatory networks that foster broader participation in science and yield data availability where few humans go. Throughout the talk, I will also share the motivation for my own journey as a scientist, my vision for a productive research program within CIRES, and the potential that I see for fruitful collaboration across the Institute.
    Dr. Hinckley is an Assistant Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Students in the Department of Environmental Studies and a Fellow of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.
    Please join us in person in the CIRES Auditorium, or on Zoom.