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StoryEarth: Bringing Story & Science of Earth Alive!

Bringing Story & Science of Earth Alive!

A live performance for adults (& high school students)
Featuring internationally known storyteller, Odds Bodkin, and Naturalist/Earth Scientist, Martin Ogle

Can a symbiosis of story and science help guide us toward thriving, long-term human life on Planet Earth? This thought-provoking stage performance combines epic storytelling, scientific discourse and conversation to ask big questions: Are ancient stories about humanity and Earth still relevant? Is science suggesting new stories, and, if so, how will old and new stories evolve together? This evening will mesmerize, entertain, and awaken new possibilities!

With phenomenal story craft and musicianship, Master storyteller, Odds Bodkin brings a folklore tale and the ancient myth of Gaia – the ancient Greek Earth Goddess – to life for a modern audience. Naturalist & Earth scientist, Martin Ogle, asks the audience to juxtapose the raw, adult interpretation of Greek myth with the newest scientific understandings of humans and Earth to conceive a new, emerging story.

$15 - general admission; $12 - students (high school / college)
The CU Environmental Center is providing funding for student tickets available at 1/2 price ($6).   
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Co-sponsors: CU Environmental Studies Department, CU’s Inside the Greenhouse, CU Environmental Center, Spellbinders (a nationwide storytelling organization), Parent Engagement Network


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Sustainability, Energy & Environment Complex (SEEC) Auditorium, 4001 Discovery Drive