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Arctic communities planning for abrupt permafrost thaw

A new INSTAAR-led project with CIRES coauthors will engage Indigenous and Western knowledge systems to better understand abrupt permafrost change in Alaska. The National Science Foundation selected the project as part of its Navigating the New Arctic funding area, one of ten “Big Ideas” that NSF is investing in as an area of profound national challenge and opportunity.

The research project brings Alaskan communities together with social and natural scientists to examine changes in permafrost thaw lake environments, including associated effects on villages in the Yukon River watershed.

The combined knowledge will be used to provide forecasts that inform about global climate, landscape change, subsistence activities, food and water security, economy, community planning, and cultural practices.

Release by Shelly Sommer, INSTAAR comunications. Read the full story here.

CIRES at CU Boulder has partnered with NOAA since 1967.

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