Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Walk Through Fire and Ice with CIRES Researchers

Latest edition of "Spheres" highlights pacesetting CIRES science

A woman dressed in heavily insulated gear lies on her stomach on the ice, looking into a pool of water. There is an icebreaker ship lit with electric lights far off in the distance.

Image removed.Spheres, CIRES' annual magazine covers research from 2019 and the first part of 2020. Learn about last year’s small ozone hole, how rising CO2 emissions may impact human cognition, and the changes that Bering Sea residents experience as sea ice retreats. And more:

  • What do recent shifts in Earth’s magnetic field mean for navigation? 
  • How is CIRES helping wanna-be scientists in community college get into research?
  • What can old weather records tell us about today’s climate?
  • Can computers sift through solar data to improve space weather forecasts? 
  • Will year-round wildfire be the new normal?
  • What’s it like to spend the polar night at the top of the world?

Read or download Spheres here. Please share! 

If you’d like some print copies to hand out at your next meeting or outreach event (keep hoping!), let us know at Print copies may not be available for several weeks.