Research & Evaluation

At CIRES E&O, education research and evaluation respects persons, communities, cultures, and identities. We use a variety of methods and believe a Western approach to scholarship is one lens among many, acknowledging there are multiple ways to conduct research or evaluation. Collaborating, listening, and reflection are important parts of building relationships, thoughtfully choosing methods, understanding data, and interpreting findings. We see education research and evaluation as part of the process for learning how STEM education and outreach can best support learners, educators, and scientists.

Research & Evaluation

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Evaluation Services

At CIRES, we have an in-house evaluation team that can help scientists within CIRES, or from other institutions and agencies.

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Educational Research

Learn more about our educational research studies.

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Broader Impacts

CIRES Outreach can assist scientists in developing Broader Impacts for their proposals.

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