Teacher Workshop - The Future of Forests

Teacher Workshop - The Future of Forests

Teacher Workshop - The Future of Forests

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  • Workshop dates: June 7-8, 8 am - 12 pm PT/9 am - 1 pm MT/10 am - 2 pm CT/11 am - 3 pm ET each day

As wildfires continue to ravage the west, burning more and more of the landscape, many are left wondering, how will these fire-affected forests will recover? In this FREE teacher workshop, University of Colorado Boulder curriculum developers lead participants through “The Future of Forests”, a MS/HS curriculum connected to NGSS life science standards that explores patterns of post-fire recovery (or lack thereof) across the west and inspires classrooms to engage in citizen science using NASA's GLOBE Observer land cover app. Participants will engage with online interactives from the National Forest Service, authentic datasets, and App-based labs in this 2-day online teacher workshop.

  • For additional information about the workshop, please refer to the course syllabus

WHO: Middle and High School Science Teachers

WHAT: Virtual Teacher Professional Development Course for content and curriculum connected to NGSS Life Science standards.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 7th AND Thursday, June 8th from 8 am - 12 pm PT/9 am - 1 pm MT/10 am - 2 pm CT/11 am - 3 pm ET each day

WHY: The goal of this course is to introduce educators to NGSS Life Science standards in the context of the NASA-supported curriculum, “The Future of Forests”. At the end of the course, participants will be able to effectively facilitate each lesson, connecting concepts and standards back to the unit driving question, “How do landscapes recover after a wildfire?”

HOW: This interactive workshop will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Facilitators will lead participants through each lesson of the curriculum following the approach below: 

  1. Utilize the main Zoom meeting room for lesson instructions. Participants engage with lesson resources either individually or in small groups via Zoom breakout rooms.
  2. Everyone returns to the main Zoom room to wrap up and reflect on the lesson.

Additional Details:

Continuing Education: Certificate for 10 hours of professional development (Free)

Graduate Credit:  Option to purchase 1 graduate credit from the University of Colorado Boulder ($90)

Contact: jonathan.griffith@colorado.edu

Fires in the West may be changing the future of forests

The fires that ravaged Yellowstone National Park in 1988 were large and severe, but they were still within the normal limits of fire regimes in the West. Following those fires 30 years ago, University of Wisconsin–Madison Professor of Integrative Biology, Monica Turner, immediately got to work studying the recovery of the forests and she has continued to do so in the decades since. But as the climate becomes hotter and drier, those fire patterns are changing. Big and severe fires are now burning with more frequency, and this could pose a threat to the resilience of these complex ecosystems. Turner wants to know: Are the rules of the game changing? And if so, what does that mean for the forests of the future?