Daniela Pennycook

Communication Coordinator and Program Integrator

Daniela Pennycook


Daniela is the Communication Coordinator and Program Integrator at CIRES Education and Outreach. She has a background in environmental science, informal education, and communications and is passionate about connecting people to their environment. Prior to CIRES, Daniela managed a K12 education program in the Rocky Mountains implemented strategic marketing efforts to improve access . Before coming to Colorado, she managed the Redbud Center, a public outdoor education center, in Austin, Texas where she increased accessibility to environmental programming for underserved communities, developed bilingual STEM curriculum, and facilitated professional development for teachers and Colorado River Stakeholders. Daniela holds a BSc in Environmental and Resource Science from Trent University in Ontario. She is an avid traveler with experience in studying outdoor education in Patagonia, conflict resolution in the Middle East, and marine biology in the West Indies. Daniela is a passionate water advocate that can be found exploring the outdoors by boat or skis in her free time. 


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