Ryan Vachon

Education & Outreach Associate

Ryan Vachon


Ryan Vachon is a Research Associate with the CIRES Education and Outreach.  Ryan's expertise lies in film production and storytelling.  He earned his BS in Geological Sciences from Tufts University and his PhD in Geological Sciences (with an emphasis on climate dynamics and stable isotope geochemistry) from University of Colorado Boulder.  His time researching ancient climates awakened him to the need for effective communication of the science and, more importantly, the people affecting and affected differently by its patterns and progression.  10 years ago, Ryan stepped away from quantitative science to pursue filmmaking. His work has spanned examination of the deep past through ice cores in the Andes to citizens living on the frontlines of threatening weather hazards in Puerto Rico.  His work has earned television's coveted Emmy Award nominations and awards at international film festivals.  He has authored two books (through Springer Publishing and iBooks) on how to make science films. Ryan's professional goals include inspiring people to engage informed decision making, particularly around how each of us relate to natural systems, and we can mature broader conversations of sustainability and justice across diverse global communities.

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