Improv and Environmental Science Workshops

Are you interested in learning about Improv? Do you like Environmental Science?

Improv and Environmental Science Workshops

CIRES Education & Outreach conducts workshops to teach improvisational (improv) theater skills and games to a variety of audiences, including teachers, professionals, and students in high school, college, or graduate programs.

Contact Dr. Megan Littrell for more information about upcoming workshops.

HS1 Workshop

Why Improv?

Improv requires communication skills (e.g., listening, responding, storytelling) that are beneficial to engaging with others in science, particularly in collaborating to develop research ideas. We believe this is an innovative way to teach young people and have them practice these skills as they learn about environmental science topics. And… it’s fun!

Student Workshops

These workshops teach students how the basic principles of improv (e.g., “Yes, And;” listening and responding; building on others’ ideas) can be applied to collaboration and communication in science.

HS Student workshops
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Teacher Workshops

These workshops introduce the basic principles of improv and related games that teachers can bring to their classrooms to facilitate science learning.

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