Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

Dawn Williams


Post-Award Team

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Office Location
CIRES - 270

Research Interests

Finance Manager for the following:

  • Ali Banwell
  • Ellie Browne (CIRES funds)
  • Matt Burgess
    • C-SEF
  • Ryan Cassotto
  • Sarah Child
  • Shelley Copley 
  • Joost de Gouw
    • EC AD funds
  • Noah Fierer
    • MCSL
    • ES AD funds
  • Raina Gough (CIRES funds)
  • Mike Hardesty
    • EOMF AD funds
  • Jose Jimenez
  • Ryan Langendorf
  • Chuck Meertens
  • Julie Miller
  • Ralph Milliff
  • Toby Minear
  • Ted Scambos
  • Randy Shearer
  • Kristy Tiamp
  • Maggie Tolbert
  • Rainer Volkamer (CIRES funds)
  • Paul Ziemann

Research Categories

Administrative Support
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About CECA

CECA connects and creates a supportive environment for graduate students and postdocs who come from various academic units to do research in CIRES.