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Josh Riley

Space Weather Data Manager

Headshot of Josh Riley

Research Interests

I am a Space Weather Data Manager for NCEI's Solar & Terrestrial Physics section, helping to work on space weather satellite data.  My role is primarily focused on managing large data sets, automating processing pipelines, and developing user interfaces in order to provide discovery and access to scientific products.  

I received an Electrical Engineering degree with a focus on Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.  Over the years, I've journeyed through several different industries including educational software, video games, micro-devices, and space-science.  Prior to NCEI, I worked for several years as a Software Engineer at the Keck Observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii.  And before that, I worked for many years as a Software Engineer for NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn.  On Cassini, I had the privilege of working on the imaging team responsible for operating the cameras on board the spacecraft and was one of the first to see the beautiful images of Saturn as they were downlinked each day.

Research Categories

Climate and Weather, Space, Technical and Computer Support
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