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Kathryn Materna

Headshot of Kathryn Materna
  • PhD, UC Berkeley, 2019
  • BS, MIT, 2014

Research Interests

I am a tectonic geodesist who uses GNSS, satellite radar, and other geophysical data sets to study the processes of fault movement and plate tectonics.  My research focuses on surface deformation related to the earthquake cycle and the generation of seismicity, including induced seismicity. Specifically, I am interested in coseismic and interseismic deformation, aseismic creep, seasonal elastic loading, and geothermal energy. Many of my projects focus on regions in California, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, the Mendocino Triple Junction, and the Brawley Seismic Zone, but I also conduct research on projects in Southeast Asia, Iceland, and other areas. 

Research Categories

Solid Earth
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