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Michael Toy

Research Scientist II

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Research Interests

Michael Toy is a CIRES numerical weather prediction (NWP) model developer who works in the Earth Prediction Advancement Division (EPAD) of NOAA's Global Systems Laboratory.  He works on developing and testing physics parameterizations, particularly gravity wave drag parameterizations, which represent the drag forces on the atmospheric flow due to unresolved (subgrid scale) topography and convection.

Dr. Toy has also worked on the development of dynamical cores, which are the components of NWP models that predict the dynamical properties of the atmosphere, such as the winds, pressure, temperature and water vapor.  He developed a non-hydrostatic dynamical core based on a hybrid sigma-theta vertical coordinate.  He also designed a discretization for the shallow water equations in generalized, curvilinear coordinate systems that conserves total energy and potential enstrophy.

Research Categories

Atmosphere, Climate and Weather
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