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Nicola Maher

2020 Visiting Fellows

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  • University of New South Wales
Office Location
SEEC - N271

Research Categories

Atmosphere, Climate and Weather, Oceans

Visiting Fellow




Drivers of Pacific Decadal Variability and its changing impacts in a warming world

Nicola Maher will work with Jen Kay and Antonietta Capotondi to investigate what drives Pacific Decadal Variability and how this variability and its impacts are projected to change under varying levels of global warming. The far reaching impacts of Pacific Decadal Variability mean that it is highly relevant under a changing climate to investigate these questions. Previously it was difficult to investigate the decadal variability under a changing climate due to the low sampling of decadal modes in both climate models and observations. By using a new set of large-ensembles, where there is enough data to investigate the decadal variability and by combining new deep learning techniques with other more traditional analyses this research project aims to further the understanding of the mechanisms that drive IPO phase transitions, and how extreme events are modulated by the IPO around the globe under different levels of global warming.


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