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Noah Brauer

Meteorological Research Scientist

Headshot of Noah Brauer
  • Ph.D. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, 2022
  • M.S. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, 2019
  • B.A. Geography, University of Colorado, 2015

Research Interests

My name is Noah Brauer and I reside in the Denver area. Previously, my research focused on precipitation microphysics in tropical cyclones using ground radar, space-borne radar, and disdrometer retrievals to better understand the spatial and temporal variability in tropical cyclone precipitation. This involved deploying to 6 landfalling hurricanes throughout the southeastern United States to collect precipitation and wind speed measurements to better quantify precipitation processes. Currently, I serve as an associate editor for the Journal of Hydrometeorology. Before attending graduate school, I worked in the private sector testing meteorological software, configuring customer systems, and traveling to customer sites to provide installation and software training support. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, hiking, playing soccer, baseball, homebrewing, and spending time with my two cats Julio and Hadley.  

Current Research

I am working on a Joint Technology Transfer Initiave (JTTI) project within NOAA and the Weather Prediction Center to transition research into forecast operations for National Weather Service forecasters. Specifically, I am working on a sub-hourly preciptation object tracker to quantify probabilistic precipitation estimation and regions of heavy precipitation on a sub-hourly scale for the CONUS. 

Research Categories

Atmosphere, Climate and Weather
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Honors and Awards

2021: University of Oklahoma Provost's Distinction in Teaching Award
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