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Rainer Volkamer

Professor of Chemistry

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  • Ph.D., University of Heidelberg, Germany
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EKLC - M325
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Research Interests

As Professor at the University of Colorado (Chemistry Department) in Boulder, Colorado my teaching in Instrumental Analysis with Environmental Emphasis (undergraduate level), and Analytical Spectroscopy (graduate level) is often enhanced by my research in Atmospheric Chemistry to inform Chemistry-Climate interactions, Energy & the Environment. My research group develops instrumentation (in-situ optical spectroscopy & sub-orbital remote sensing) to solve Analytical & Physical Chemistry problems in the real-world, e.g., to better quantify sources (air-sea exchange, urban, agriculture, biomass burning, etc), characterize aerosols (optical closure), and to probe mechanisms by which gases modify aerosols, oxidative capacity, atmospheric mercury, tropospheric O3, and CH4.

Current Research

  • Tropospheric Halogens in the Remote Free Troposphere and UTLS
  • Chemical Coupling of Halogens and Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Solar Occultation Flux Spectroscopy aboard the Wyoming King Air
  • The CLOUD experiment: Anthropogenic and Marine Nucleation
  • Molecular Spectroscopy: weak bands of H2O and O2-O2 collision complexes


Research Categories

Atmosphere, Chemistry, Climate and Weather

Research Images

Honors and Awards

1993: Erasmus Fellow (1992-1993)
2000: Marie Curie Fellow (1998-2000)
2004: Henry & Camille Dreyfus Fellow (2002-2004)
2007: Feodor-Lynen Fellow (2005-2007)
2009: NSF CAREER Award recipient
2014: ISI Highly Cited Researcher
2020: Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award
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