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Rick Saltus

Senior Research Scientist for Marine Geology and Geophysics

Headshot of Rick Saltus
  • Ph.D., Stanford University, Geophysics, 1991
  • M.S., Stanford University, Geophysics, 1988
  • B.S., Stanford University, Mathematics, 1979

Research Interests

  • Geologic/tectonic/geodynamic interpretation of potential field data (magnetics and gravity)

  • Development of technical documentation with application to delineation of extended continental shelf (Law of the Sea, Article 76)

  • Improvement of global magnetic field grids and models

  • Innovative display of geophysical information

  • Seeking ways to encourage citizen involvement in the geophysical sciences

Current Research

  • Application of marine bathymetric and geophysical data for definition of continental margin components with application to Article 76 of the Law of the Sea Treaty (State Department/NOAA/USGS cooperative project)
  • Development of a CubeSat constellation for on-going support of global magnetic models (CU Grand Challenge project in cooperation with CU Aerospace and LASP)
  • Improvement of EMAG2 global model of lithospheric magnetic anomalies for improvement of global full field magnetic models (CIRES Geomagnetic Team project)
  • Continued development of CrowdMag for (1) citizen scientist involvement, (2) mapping of local urban magnetic anomalies, and (3) input to global magnetic models
  • Development of an external magnetic sensor for use with CrowdMag (CU Seed Grant funded project in cooperation with CU Engineering Dept)

Research Categories

Oceans, Solid Earth, Space

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