Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Alison Banwell

Research Interests

I am a glaciologist, and broadly, my research monitors and quantifies how the Earth’s warming climate is changing glacier, ice-sheet and ice-shelf melt, hydrology and dynamics using satellite remote-sensing alongside field-based geodetic techniques and modeling.

Currently, a key focus of my research is Antarctic ice-shelf dynamics in response to surface meltwater processes. Ice shelves, which are the floating extensions of glaciers on land, surround ~75% of Antarctica and have an important role in regulating the rate that inland glacier ice is lost to the ocean. Surface melting on ice shelves has been observed to lead to dense networks of surface meltwater lakes, which act as loads on a floating ice shelf when full, or anti-loads if/when they drain. These changes in surface loading therefore induce stress changes that can lead to ice-shelf flexure and fracture, and ultimately break-up of an ice shelf. As air temperatures rise, surface meltwater-induced ice-shelf breakup events are expected to increase.

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  • Picard G; Leduc-Leballeur M; Banwell AF; Brucker L; Macelloni G. (Dec 2022). The sensitivity of satellite microwave observations to liquid water in the Antarctic snowpack. The Cryosphere , 16(12), 5061-5083. 10.5194/tc-16-5061-2022
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