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Chelsea Nagy

Chelsea Nagy

Research Interests

My background in interdisciplinary studies has guided my research interests to include measures of ecosystem structure and function as products of human-ecosystem interactions. One of my current research projects is looking at the combined effects of invasive grass species and altered fire regimes on carbon storage across U.S. ecosystems. My dissertation examined the influence of land use and management practices on riparian forest structure and composition, secondary forest regrowth, and soil carbon storage in the Brazilian Amazon. I use a combination of geospatial analysis, remote sensing, ecosystem modeling, and field studies in my research. Other recent research projects include the study of 1) global patterns of biomass burning vs. fossil fuel combustion and 2) the role of humans in starting large fires across the U.S. and under what conditions (e.g., biomass, fuel moisture, wind speed) these large fires occurred.  

Current Research

My current research is looking at the combined effects of invasive grass species and altered fire regimes on carbon storage across the U.S. I'm conducting a meta-analysis to compare carbon storage in cheatgrass-invaded vs. native sagebrush ecosystems in the Great Basin.

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