Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Chris Guiterman

Research Interests

My research investigates the interactions among fire, climate, vegetation, and people. My specialty is in dendrochronology, the science of using tree rings to reconstruct past environmental processes. As a dendroecologist, I tend to focus on the drivers of changing forest dynamics, including climate change, human land-use, and altered disturbance processes. I use tree rings to reconstruct historical fire activity at local to landscape scales to better understand why wildland fire has become such a problem in many areas, and what forest and fire managers can do to ease the strain that climate change poses to our forests. 

Prior to joining CIRES and NCEI in 2022, I was an Assistant Research Professor at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona, where I also completed my doctorate. My research focused on the vulnerabilities of southwestern forests to climate change, and included an ongoing science-manager partnership with the Navajo Nation Forestry Department and assessments of forest conversion to shrublands following historical and modern high-severity fires.

At CIRES, I work with the NOAA-NCEI Paleoclimate team to operate the World Data Service for Paleoclimatology. We house more than 20 types of paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental data used by researchers worldwide. We are currently working to develop new ways for researchers and the public to explore and access the repositories via Open Access software and tools.

Current Research

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