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Dominic Fuller-Rowell

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  • Chou M; Yue J; Wang J; Huba JD; El Alaoui M; Kuznetsova MM; Rastätter L; Shim JS; Fang T; Meng X. (Jun 2023). Validation of Ionospheric Modeled TEC in the Equatorial Ionosphere During the 2013 March and 2021 November Geomagnetic Storms. Space Weather , 21(6). 10.1029/2023sw003480
  • Liu J-Y; Lin C-H; Rajesh PK; Lin C-Y; Chang F-Y; Lee I-T; Fang T-W; Fuller-Rowell D; Chen S-P. (May 2022). Advances in Ionospheric Space Weather by Using FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 GNSS Radio Occultations. Atmosphere , 13(6), 858-858. 10.3390/atmos13060858
  • Araujo-Pradere, EA, D Buresova, DJ Fuller-Rowell and TJ Fuller-Rowell. (Feb 2013). Initial results of the evaluation of IRI hmF2 performance for minima 22-23 and 23-24. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH , 51(4). 10.1016/j.asr.2012.02.010