Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

Imtiaz Rangwala

Imtiaz Rangwala

Research Interests

Imtiaz Rangwala is a Research Scientist in CIRES. He is a climate scientist engaged in advancing the understanding related to changing water balance and climate extremes driven by anthropogenic climate change, and its relevance to ecosystem response. His work also include understanding, and working with, future climate change uncertainty in the context of decision-making and climate adaptation, and has extensive experience in the development and communication of useful and usable future climate change scenarios for natural resource management.  He is also part of a global community of scientists focused on examining the issue of elevation-dependent climate change in mountain regions.

Current Research

  • Regional climate change, drought and weather extremes
  • Climate data and science support for natural resource management
  • Drought monitoring and situational awareness
  • High elevation climate change