Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Michael Rabellino

Research Interests

Research and development aimed at improving the weather information provided to air traffic control systems, pilots, aviation forecasters, and other aviation weather users. The major areas of weather product development include in-flight icing, turbulence, ceiling and visibility, and convection for national and oceanic domains. With National Weather Service (NWS) participation, supporting the transition of many of these newly-developed and advanced aviation weather products to NWS operations.

Data Visualization - Utilizing web based charting packages to visually represent the quality and accuracy of weather information.

Full Stack Web Application Development - Designing, implementing, and supporting web applications that provide quality assessment measures for automated decision support and verification system unification, and independent comprehensive analyses to interpret and communicate the accuracy of weather forecasts for improving services to the public.

Web Based Tools:

Verification Requirements and Monitoring Capability (VRMC):

Event-based Verification and Evaluation of NWS Gridded Products Tool (EVENT):

Convective Weather Verification Service (CWVS):

TRACON Gate Forecast Verification Tool (TFVT):



CWVS web application tool showing verification of TFM Convective Forecast (TCF) model

Honors and Awards

  • CIRES - 5 Years of Service (December 2018)
  • Team Member of the Month (GSL - EDS) (May 2018)