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Rainer Bleck

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  • Green, BW, S Sun, R Bleck, SG Benjamin and GA Grell (2017), Evaluation of MJO Predictive Skill in Multiphysics and Multimodel Global Ensembles. Mon. Weather Rev. Version: 1 145 (7) 2555-2574, issn: 0027-0644, ids: FF8XS, doi: 10.1175/MWR-D-16-0419.1
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  • Nazarenko, L., Schmidt, G. A., Miller, R. L., Tausnev, N., Kelley, M., Ruedy, R., Russell, G. L., Aleinov, I., Bauer, M., Bauer, S., Bleck, R., Canuto, V., Cheng, Y., Clune, T. L., Del Genio, A.D., Faluvegi, G., Hansen, J. E., Healy, R. J., Kiang, N.Y., Koch, D., Lacis, A.A., LeGrande, A. N., Lerner, J., Lo, K. K., Menon, S., Oinas, V., Perlwitz, J., Puma, M. J., Rind, D., Romanou, A., Sato, M., Shindell, D. T., Sun, S., Tsigaridis, K., Unger, N., Voulgarakis, A., Yao, M.-Sung, Zhang, Jinlun (2015), Future Climate Change under RCP Emission Scenarios with GISS ModelE2. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst. Version: 1, issn: 19422466, doi: 10.1002/2014MS000403
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  • Bleck, R, S Benjamin, J Lee and AE MacDonald (2010), On the Use of an Adaptive, Hybrid-Isentropic Vertical Coordinate in Global Atmospheric Modeling. Mon. Weather Rev. Version: 1 138 (6) 2188-2210, issn: 0027-0644, ids: 622QE, doi: 10.1175/2009MWR3103.1
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  • BLECK, R, HP HANSON, DM HU and EB KRAUS (1989), MIXED LAYER THERMOCLINE INTERACTION IN A 3-DIMENSIONAL ISOPYCNIC COORDINATE MODEL. J. Phys. Oceanogr. Version: 1 19 (10) 1417-1439, issn: 0022-3670, ids: AT433, doi: 10.1175/1520-0485(1989)019<1417:MLTIIA>2.0.CO;2