Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Rick Saltus

Research Interests

  • Geologic/tectonic/geodynamic interpretation of potential field data (magnetics and gravity)

  • Development of technical documentation with application to delineation of extended continental shelf (Law of the Sea, Article 76)

  • Improvement of global magnetic field grids and models

  • Innovative display of geophysical information

  • Seeking ways to encourage citizen involvement in the geophysical sciences

Current Research

  • Application of marine bathymetric and geophysical data for definition of continental margin components with application to Article 76 of the Law of the Sea Treaty (State Department/NOAA/USGS cooperative project)
  • Development of a CubeSat constellation for on-going support of global magnetic models (CU Grand Challenge project in cooperation with CU Aerospace and LASP)
  • Improvement of EMAG2 global model of lithospheric magnetic anomalies for improvement of global full field magnetic models (CIRES Geomagnetic Team project)
  • Continued development of CrowdMag for (1) citizen scientist involvement, (2) mapping of local urban magnetic anomalies, and (3) input to global magnetic models
  • Development of an external magnetic sensor for use with CrowdMag (CU Seed Grant funded project in cooperation with CU Engineering Dept)

Group photo showing students and mentors involved in CrowdMag Day at the University of Colorado, summer 2017

As part of the Research Experience for Community College Students (RECCS) program we conducted a "CrowdMag Day" data collection activity.  The pictured students and mentors each used their smartphones to collect 3-component magnetic data along a 1.5 mile traverse on the east campus of the University of Colorado.  The data were analyzed by Anjelique Morine (at left in the photo) as part of her RECCS research project.

Group photo of US and Canadian scientists and diplomats at a bi-lateral meeting in Boulder to discuss issues relating to continental shelf definition.

Icebreakers USCGC Healy and CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent conducting joint ECS studies in the Arctic Ocean.

View Publications

  • Szafir DA; Samsel F; Zeller S; Saltus R. (Jan 2021). Enabling Crosscutting Visualization for Geoscience. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications , 41(1), 49-57. 10.1109/mcg.2020.3043982
  • Meyer, B, A Chulliat and R Saltus. (DEC 2017). Derivation and Error Analysis of the Earth Magnetic Anomaly Grid at 2 arc min Resolution Version 3 (EMAG2v3). GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS, 18(12), 4522-4537. 10.1002/2017GC007280
  • Haeussler, PJ, RW Saltus, RG Stanley, N Ruppert, K Lewis, SM Karl and A Bender. (OCT 2017). The Peters Hills basin, a Neogene wedge-top basin on the Broad Pass thrust fault, south-central Alaska. GEOSPHERE, 13(5), 1464-1488. 10.1130/GES01487.1
  • Hutchinson, DR, HR Jackson, DW Houseknecht, Q Li, JW Shimeld, DC Mosher, D Chian, RW Saltus and GN Oakey. (NOV 2017). Significance of Northeast-Trending Features in Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean. GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS, 18(11), 4156-4178. 10.1002/2017GC007099