Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Tzu-Wei Fang

Research Interests

Ionospheric and Thermospheric Physics; Whole Atmospheric Coupling; Ionospheric Electrodynamics; Numerical Simulations

Current Research

Coupling between the whole atmosphere and ionosphere/plasmasphere

Nighttime physical processes at the low-latitude ionosphere

Quantifying the sources of ionospheric variability

Understand the equatorial electrodynamics during disturbed geomagnetic conditions


Ionospheric day-to-day variability simulated by the coupled whole atmosphere and ionosphere model (Fang et al., 2018, in preparation)

Changes of ionospheric TEC and equatorial vertical drift under the impact of 2009 sudden stratospheric warming event (SSW) (Fang et al., 2014)

Comparison of equatorial vertical drift simulated from several physics based model (Fang et al., 2013)