RECCS Student Researchers 2014

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Patrick Baber

Patrick studies at Front Range Community College in Longmont, and is hoping to transfer to CU next summer to study Limnology.

Patrick grew up in Chicago but has visited family in Boulder for the last 15 years and has called the foothills home since 2009. When not studying, Patrick enjoys fly fishing, exploring different mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Montana.

Research Project:The Difference in sediment transport between the East and West side of the Kawuneeche Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park. A short video description of the project >>

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Amanda Brenner

Amanda has lived in Fort Collins for three and a half years. She grew up in Ohio, and has travelled all over the world; she moved to Colorado from Italy. Amanda says, “Those experiences are what made me want to go into earth science -- living in Colorado, I have learned a lot about water and how much of the world is affected by not having enough of it”. Amanda is planning to study watershed science at CSU. She will be transferring from FRCC Larimer to CSU this coming fall semester. 

Research Project: Investigating the result of the 2013 Colorado storms on Gordon Gulch. A short video description of the project >>

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Mary Cruz

Mary was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. After graduating high school she went on to further her education by enrolling in Community College of Denver. She will soon be transferring to a four year university to receive her Bachelors degree in Environmental Science. Mary has an immense appreciation for nature and hopes to contribute to the wellness of our environment.

Mary is researching the devastating effects of acid rock drainage and acid mine drainage on the Snake River located in Keystone, Colorado. Mary is part of INSTAAR, Diane McKnight group.

Research Project: Fate and transport of rare earth elements in the Snake River watershed: a mass balance approach. A short video description of the project >>

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Jessica Johnstone

Jessica moved to this area nearly two years ago. She was born and raised a southerner -- in Georgia. Jessica expressed a fondness for nature at an early age. This has led to a long educational pursuit of some environmental-conservation-related career field. Jessica is currently a student at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, and will soon move on to CSU to complete her Bachelor's degree. 
Jessica is researching sustainable methods of water retention applied specifically to the hydrology of the Gunnison Basin.

Research Project: Human-induced Adaptations to the Hydrology of the Gunnison Basin As A Result of Climate Change. A short video description of the project >>

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Jorgie Marquez

“My name is Jorgie Marquez, I was born at Denver General Hospital in 1992 to a single mother. I grew up in various neighborhoods around Denver such as: Highland on 32nd and Tejon, Elyria Swansea around 48th and Brighton BLVD, and Edgewater around Kendall and Colfax. I was living in different neighborhoods with different family members like my Grandma, Mom, and Godmother. Each neighborhood and home came with different rules and social norms, yet there were commonalities like poverty, racism, but more importantly the presence of strong, independent matriarchal figures. I chose to tell this portion of my life because it’s a constant inspiration to me. Not the struggling with poverty or racism, but the means by which I observed my loved ones handle these situations.”  
-- Jorgie Marquez

Research Project:The Nature of Debris Flows in the Rocky Mountains. A short video description of the project >>

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Patrick Marsden

Patrick has always had a passion for the environment and the world around him.   Recently, he has focused his attention on the microbial world, and the amazing geochemical processes that take place as a function of the soil microbiome.

He is a transfer student from the Community College of Denver and will be attending Metro State University of Denver in the Fall. Patrick is an honor student and will pursue a dual major: B.S. in Microbiology and Biochemistry; with the intention to continue at the graduate level in a related field.

Patrick has two beautiful daughters that he enjoys spending time exploring and sharing the outdoors with. Patrick is also interested in developing effective and accurate science education focused on every age group, and education level. Look for Patrick in the halls of CU in the near future!

Research Project: What percentage of microbial metagenomic analysis is from live viable organisms? A short video description of the project >>

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David Schellhase

Dave grew up in Central Nebraska and moved to Colorado after high school in 2007. He found his passion for the outdoors through camping and skiing.

After taking an environmental science class at Colorado Mountain College, Dave realized that this was his career path. He has since become more focused on water.

Dave will graduate from the Front Range Larimer campus at the end of the fall semester with an Associate’s in the Arts. He will begin his Bachelors in Watershed Science at Colorado State this fall. 
During the internship, he is studying debris flows and using paleo markers and super elevation to determine how much material was carried down drainage chutes in Boulder Creek during the September storms. Dave is part of CZO, Suzanne Anderson Team.

Research Project: Evaluating and profiling the specifics of landslides and identifying key factors for future debris failures. A short video description of the project >>

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