Is it Normal That World Temperatures Are Rising This Fast?

This lesson explores if it is normal that world temperatures are rising at the currently observed fast pace.

Context for Use

This is the fifth lesson in the Climate Resiliency Education High School Climate Unit.

The sign at the entrance of NOAA's Maua Loa Observatory in Hawai'i.

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

Students will learn how greenhouse gas concentrations are related to temperature trends.


  1. (10 minutes) Do Now: Prompt students to recall knowledge from previous lesson. 
  2. (5 minutes) Discuss: Reorient students in the story line. 
  3. (20 minutes) Data analysis Jigsaw: Greenhouse gases and global temperature past and present.
  4. (10 minutes) Building Understandings: Debrief on data analysis.
  5. (15 minutes) Write and Brainstorm: Write scientific explanation for today's findings and generate ideas for next steps in the investigation..
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