Why Are Cities and Other Regions of the World Getting Hotter?

This lesson has students investigate how albedo is contributing to temperature increasing in some places, like cities, are increasing at faster rates than elsewhere.

Context for Use

This is the third lesson in the Climate Resiliency Education High School Climate Unit.

A satellite image of the state of Colorado.


  1. (5 minutes) Do Now: Reorient the students to the storyline.
  2. (10 minutes) Data and observations: Explore satellite data (i.e., Google Earth).
  3. (5 minutes) Sharing Initial Ideas Discussion: Generate ideas for this lesson.
  4. (15 minutes) Design: Design a procedure for the investigation.
  5. (10 minutes) Discuss: Share and discuss.
  6. (30 minutes) Conduct: Complete the investigation about surface heating using one of the two provided investigation prompts
  7. (10 minutes) Text: Read the Albedo Reading Guide.
  8. Homework: Complete last activity on student activity sheet.
  9. Start of next lesson: Building Understanding Discussion: Debrief on the homework activity.
Illustration of two people high-fiving in a work environment

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