Sharing Science with Film: A Guide to Student Productions

Sharing Science With Film: A Guide to Student Productions is a guide for educators, and provides a how-to manual for instructing youth on how to produce short films.

Context for Use

The examples and lesson plans provided in the educator guide emphasize scientific film topics; however, the methods shared throughout Sharing Science With Film: A Guide to Student Productions are applicable to films around all topics and genres.

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LOCC students filming.


The full educator guide is available below as an eBook or pdf file. (See also individual chapter pdfs for easier previewing.) Instructional videos embedded in the educator guide can also be found in the Google Drive folder below.  

Ch 1_Sharing Science with Film: Growing the Seed
Ch 2_Sharing Science with Film: Gear
Ch 3_Sharing Science with Film: Preparing to Film
Ch 4_Sharing Science with Film: Methods in Filming
Ch 5_Sharing Science with Film: Supplemental Media
Ch 6_Sharing Science with Film: Editing
Ch 7_Sharing Science with Film: Exporting and Distribution
Sharing Science with Film (Instructional videos)
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