CIRES/NOAA Atmospheric Science Field Work in Okinawa, Japan

Pay Rate $13/hr. Travel Costs and Accommodations in Okinawa will be covered by employer

Duration of appointment: 3 months within March-September 2020, must include June 10 - Sept 4

The Chemical Sciences Division of CIRES/NOAA is seeking an undergraduate research assistant for atmospheric chemistry field work in summer 2020. We are researching how the Asian summer monsoon affects atmospheric chemistry over the Pacific Ocean on the Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical Climate Impacts Project (ACCLIP). We will be flying scientific instruments on a research aircraft for 6 weeks, based out of Okinawa, Japan. The research assistant will assist with setting up and running instrumentation to measure the physical properties of atmospheric aerosol, and processing the data. The instrumentation performance in-flight will mostly be monitored from the ground, but there may also be the need or opportunity for the assistant to operate the instruments onboard the aircraft. 


  • Assist with integrating and de-integrating aerosol instrumentation onto a research aircraft
  • 6-7 weeks in the field in Okinawa Japan including:
    • Instrument maintenance and calibration
    • Preparing instruments for flight
    • Monitoring in-flight data from the ground during flights
    • Potential for limited time flying with the instruments and monitoring in flight
    • Data processing


  • Interest in atmospheric science and climate science
  • Ability and willingness to spend long periods in the field and work at unsocial hours
  • Must work well with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to work well in challenging conditions (e.g. on aircraft and in aircraft hangers) 
  • Quick to learn new skills such as operating scientific instruments, basic electronics, programming
  • Willingness to travel to and work well in different countries and cultures
  • Undergraduate classes in chemistry, physics, environmental science and/or engineering


  • Practical experience in a scientific laboratory or other environment using tools and/or working with electronics
  • Coding and data analysis experience 

Travel costs and accommodation for time in Okinawa will be provided. Work in Colorado, which will be split between NOAA Earth System Research laboratory in Boulder and the NCAR Research Aviation Facility in Broomfield.

Application Materials

Applications should be sent to Dr Christina Williamson,, and must include:

  • CV detailing education, work experience and any other relevant skills and experience
  • Cover letter explaining your motivation for your application and your suitability for the position. Please explicitly refer to the criteria listed above. 
  • Name, email and phone number of two referees we can contact about your application. Please state the relation of each of these referees to you.

Applications received before February 24th (9 am CMT) will be given full consideration.

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Date Posted

Wednesday, February 12, 2020