Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Free Online Water and Climate Course Open Now

CU Boulder launches self-paced course exploring water issues in the U.S West

This week, the University of Colorado Boulder launched a free, online course exploring water and climate in the western United States. The self-paced course, developed by Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) Education & Outreach director Anne Gold and CIRES’ Western Water Assessment’s former managing director Eric Gordon, dives into questions including:

  • Why is there so much conflict over water in the American West? 
  • How do major cities and industrial agricultural systems thrive in semi-arid environments and deserts? 
  • How will tens of millions of people in the region cope with a warming climate?

The course, “Water in the Western United States,” offered through the platform Coursera, accommodates flexible schedules and requires a total of 15 hours to complete. The course’s five modules are open for learners to complete at any time.

Originally offered in 2015, the course now includes a new introduction and updated video lectures. Over a dozen experts in water management, policy, and research contributed to the course to help learners consider the scientific, legal, political and cultural issues impacting water and climate in the Western United States. Building on this foundational understanding of climate and water in the West, students examine the Colorado River Basin as a case study and conclude the class with a deeper understanding of controversial water issues faced in the American West.

There are no prerequisites or requirements to participate in the course.

Learn more and register here