McMurdo Speaker Series: Antarctica, Space & Lasers (Oh my!) A Day in the Life at McMurdo

McMurdo Speaker Series: Antarctica, Space & Lasers (Oh my!) A Day in the Life at McMurdo

Join McMurdo scientist, Jackson Jandreau, from McMurdo Antarctica for a 10-15 minute lesson on a day in the life at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, followed by a Q&A. Join live with your classroom on camera, ask your questions directly to Jackson and his colleagues, and get excited about polar science! We look forward to showing lots of amazing photos, and videos and answering the following questions with us. 

A Day in the Life at McMurdo

  • Where is McMurdo and how do we get there? 
  • How many people live there and what is it like? 
  • What does Jackson's day look like while he is down there? 
  • Who is the McMurdo LIDAR team? 
  • What other science is happening? 
  • What do you do for fun in Antarctica? 
  • How can you become a Polar Scientist in Antarctica? 
Time: 1 pm ET - 1:45 pm ET Tuesday, October 11th 
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Resources for your Classroom

  • High School level 3-part lesson on the Arctic - A three-part curriculum about Arctic climate. The activities may be used independently or in sequence. 

    • Activity 1 (Exploring the Arctic) of this sequence allows students to explore Arctic geography, then take hands-on meteorological measurements to learn about how climate data is collected in the Arctic. 

    • Activity 2 (Do you really want to visit the Arctic?) uses the jigsaw method to have students work with various weather parameters in a role-playing format.

    • Activity 3 (Exploring Arctic Climate Data) students plot and analyze real Arctic climate data from the same site.

  • Antarctica with Ted Scambos - In this webinar Dr. Ted Scambos presented a 'science travelogue' for the continent of Antarctica. His nineteen expeditions to Antarctica, in every region of the continent and the sea ice that surrounds it, have made him an expert in the field.

  • VR Expedition: MOSAiC Ice Camp - Created in partnership with our friends at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, this 'choose your own adventure tour allows you to explore the MOSAiC Ice Camp like never before and get a front-row seat to the unprecedented work conducted by MOSAiC scientists! 

About the Speaker - Jackson Jandreau

Jackson is a 3rd year Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado Boulder studying aerospace engineering and atmospheric science. His research interests include the dynamics of the middle and upper atmosphere and the design and operation of lidar systems. Jackson visited Antarctica in the summer of 2019-2020 and will spend 15 months on the ice operating the lidar observatory starting in the fall of 2022.

Jackson Jandreau

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