CIRES/NOAA Science-At-Home Speaker Series

CIRES/NOAA Science-At-Home Speaker Series

The CIRES/NOAA Science-at-Home Virtual Speaker Series ran at 11am Tuesdays and 1pm Thursdays (April-May 2020) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is designed to show young students at home the work being done at CIRES and NOAA, and offer recommendations to activities that can be done at home to reinforce learning. 

All webinars have closed-captioning available.

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Webinars From This Series

To access the recommended activities/resources and watch the recorded webinars, please go to each individual scientist's page:

  • 4/16/2020
    • Presenter: Ted Scambos
    • Topic: Antarctica (in the palm of your hand)
      • Dr. Ted Scambos presented a 'science travelogue' for the continent of Antarctica.  
  • 4/21/2020
    • Presenter: Janice Bytheway
    • Topic: Precipitation
      • Dr. Janice Bytheway presented about precipitation - how it forms, how we observe it and how we predict it.
  • 4/23/2020  
    • Presenter: Amy Butler
    • Topic: Polar Vortex
      • Dr. Amy Butler presented about why she became an atmospheric scientist, present a brief overview of the stratosphere and the ozone layer, and discussed how we might use information about the stratospheric polar vortex to make extended-range weather forecasts.
  • 4/28/2020  
    • Presenter: Elizabeth Thompson 
    • Topic: Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions: Amphibious Science
      • Dr. Elizabeth Thompson discussed how learning about weather can also teach us a lot about the ocean. The oceans impact weather across the entire world, but these invisible interactions are some of the most difficult to measure or predict.


  • 4/30/2020
    • Presenter: Noah Fierer
    • Topic: Microbes in Soils of Antarctica
      • Dr. Noah Fierer presented on recent work looking at the microorganisms living in soils of Antarctica, one of the driest and coldest places on Earth. He also discussed how and why we went to Antarctica to study these microorganisms and what they can tell us about life on our planet and the potential for life on other planets.
  • 5/5/2020  
    • Presenter: Lincoln Pitcher
    • Topic: The Greenland Ice Sheet
      • Dr. Lincoln Pitcher presented on recent research about meltwater production, transport and export from the Greenland Ice Sheet. He also spoke about what glacier hydrology field research in Greenland is like, and why studying Greenland Ice Sheet hydrologic processes is important.
  • 5/7/2020 
    • Presenters: Rick Saltus and Neesha Schnepf
    • Topic: Geomagnetism
      • Dr. Rick Saltus, and Dr. Neesha Schnepf presented on their recent research in geomagnetism and talk about their crowd-sourcing app: CrowdMag
  • 5/12/2020
    • Presenter: Peter Martin
    • Topic: New Guinea - When Did It Form and How It Impacts Climate
      • Dr. Peter Martin presented on his research in and of New Guinea. In particular, when did it form and how it impacted historical climate change. 
  • 5/14/2020 13:00 MTN 
    • Presenter: Mylène Jacquemart
    • Topic: Catastrophic Glacier Collapses
      • In this webinar, Mylène Jacquemart will talk about her research working to ID triggers of sudden glacier detachments: destructive glacial process that buried kilometers of Alaskan forest.

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