Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

CIRES Members' Council

The CIRES Members' Council (CMC) was created in 1997 to act as an information and policy conduit between CIRES' leadership and the Institute's Members (Associate Scientists, Research Scientists, and Administrative Associates).

The Council represents the interests of all CIRES Members with respect to CIRES governance, scientific direction, and the day-to-day workplace environment. As a representative group made up of CIRES Members, it is tasked with:

  • Representing the concerns of the CIRES Membership by bringing issues to the attention of the CIRES administration;
  • Working to improve the lines of communication within and between all CIRES units;
  • Providing a means of Member participation in CIRES governance and a voice on committees and working groups which form the core of that governance;
  • Contributing to the process which determines CIRES' research direction and areas of research;
  • Fostering a positive workplace environment and Members' connection with CIRES by facilitating Members' understanding of their roles within CIRES.

The CIRES Members Council provides the opportunity for service as well as career enhancement, benefiting representatives and constituents alike.

CMC Officers

Alessandro Franchin
CMC Chair
David Skaggs Research Center
Chemical Sciences Division
Eric Adamson
David Skaggs Research Center
Space Weather Prediction Center
Mistia Zuckerman
East Campus
National Snow and Ice Data Center
Eric James
Membership Chair
David Skaggs Research Center
Dawn Umpleby
Rendezvous Chair
Earth Lab
Adam Woods
Rendezvous Co-Chair
David Skaggs Research Center
ryan cassato
Ryan Cassotto
Mentoring Chair
Main Campus

CMC Members

Janice Bytheway
David Skaggs Research Center
Nate Campbell
CMC Rendezvous Chair
Main Campus
Antonietta Capotondi
CMC Fellows Meeting Representative
David Skaggs Research Center
Joseph Katich
David Skaggs Research Center
Chemical Sciences Division
Jonathan Kofler
CMC Secretary
David Skaggs Research Center
Global Monitoring Division
Amanda Morton
East Campus
Education and Outreach
Gaby Petron
Gabrielle Petron
David Skaggs Research Center
Global Monitoring Division
Aaron Sweeney
David Skaggs Research Center
Michael Toy
David Skaggs Research Center
Global Systems Division