Filmmaking: Pre-Production

This lesson has students explore science content, decide on the topic for their film, and do all the preparatory work before filming begins.

Context for Use

This is the first part of a 3-part unit on the filmmaking process for both formal and informal education settings. See also other lessons in this unit:

To access all LOCC program resources - including lesson plans, worksheets, slides, and instructional videos - see the interactive educator guide: Sharing Science with Film: A Guide to Student Productions.


LOCC students working on their storyboards.

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

• Students will apply their knowledge of climate change science to a local problem.
• Students will discuss the importance of various local climate change issues.
• Students will understand the effects of a global issue on their community.

Teaching Materials

LOCC Pre-Production Lesson Plans
LOCC Brainstorming Worksheet
LOCC Storyboard Worksheet
LOCC Storytelling Principles and Exercises
LOCC Assessment Rubrics
LOCC Film Glossary


Lesson 1: Topic Selection

Lesson 2: Topic Research

Lesson 3: Script/Treatment Writing

Lesson 4: Storyboarding

Illustration of two people high-fiving in a work environment

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