Filmmaking: Production

In this lesson, students film interviews with content experts as well as additional B-roll footage, and film mentors help students find existing footage and media to supplement their films. 

Context for Use

This is the second part of a 3-part unit on the filmmaking process for both formal and informal education settings. See also other lessons in this unit:

To access all LOCC program resources - including lesson plans, worksheets, slides, and instructional videos - see the interactive educator guide: Sharing Science with Film: A Guide to Student Productions.

Film Production

LOCC students filming.

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

•    Students will develop questions to ask experts on their film topics.
•    Students will practice interviewing each other to become familiar with their own interview style.
•    Students will propose potential follow-up questions that they might ask their interviewees.
•    Students will conduct interviews with their content experts.

Teaching Materials

LOCC Production
LOCC Guide to Creative Commons
LOCC Film Glossary


Lesson 5: Interviews

Lesson 6: B-Roll

Lesson 7: Voice-overs and Additional Footage

Illustration of two people high-fiving in a work environment

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