What is Special About Cities Compared to Rural Places?

This lesson explores climate data at local, national, and global levels to determine that temperatures are changing all over the world, and that there are certain locations where temperatures are warming faster than the global average.

Context for Use

This is the second lesson in the Climate Resiliency Education High School Climate Unit.

A table of states with the fastest warming summers from Climate Central.

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

Students will learn about the heat island effect.


  1. (5 minutes) Do Now: Reorient class to the storyline.
  2. (15 minutes) Text: Read Climate Central Report and discuss.
  3. (15 minutes) Activity A: Compare cities and states.
  4. (5 minutes) Building Consensus Discussion: Debrief on activity A.
  5. (10 minutes) Activity B: What's going on in the world?
  6. (5 minutes) Discussion and brainstorm: Generate ideas for next steps in the investigation.
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